Wound Care Consulting

Our focus as Wound Consultants is to assess wounds and provide a comprehensive approach to the management of the patient’s wound(s). As a team, we commit to BEST PRACTICES and frequently link with regional and national resources to stay abreast of current scientifically proven treatments.

We communicate with a multi-disciplinary team to achieve a thorough and professional approach to all patients wound care needs.


We can be accessed through the Durham Access to Care (DATC) or you may contact us directly at Partners in Community Nursing for private-pay consultation.


We complete comprehensive wound assessments, which are then forwarded to the physician with our recommendations. Conservative sharp debridement, compression therapy, negative pressure wound therapy, bedside vascular assessments via Doppler studies, and utilization of appropriate medical products are examples of services we provide.


By ensuring continuity of wound consultant scheduling, we can achieve follow through with care and utilization of a step wide approach to changes in patient’s wounds.