Nancy, I just wanted to say “Thank You”. I know that this is your job, but you do it very well. It’s the extra that you give. You take the time to “chat” and you really take an interest in your patients.

Wishing you well. Thank you again.

S. T., Whitby, Ontario

We are finished with the antibiotics and the pic line has been removed and we must thank Partners in Community Nursing for the excellent care that we received. The nurses were professional and caring. We enjoyed all of their visits but would like to thank Juliet and Kim for their little extra attention. It was especially wonderful to get a real person to talk to when we called with a concern.

Hoping we won’t need you again but know that we will receive great care if we do. Thank you.

G. H., Bowmanville, Ontario

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the wonderful care I received from the nursing staff at Partners. My stay in the hospital was only supposed to be 4-5 days (not 21) but I was that case where everything seemed to go wrong- the problems were all related to my badly infected gall bladder. This infection did not finally disappear until just before Christmas after having many rounds of antibiotics (intravenous in the hospital and 2 rounds of pills after coming home). Once the infection disappeared, my “wound” started healing the way it should.

Your staff has all been wonderful, very professional, caring and supportive – I couldn’t have done it without them. It is nice to know that when you are in need, a service such as yours is available – well run and well organized.

Thank you very much.

H. P., Oshawa, Ontario

To all the wonderful nurses who cared for Mom, you were all very good to her. A special thank you to the lovely lady who came out in the middle of the night when Mom passed away.

Thank you so much.

L. D., Uxbridge, Ontario

The In-Home services provided by Partners in community Nursing were well received and certainly, in my mind, accelerated the healing / recovery process. Special thanks go to Nurses Patricia, Kim and particularly ET Nurse Joy Baetz – all were professional in every way. Not to be overlooked were the valuable medical supplies provided, which helped me to search for the proper type of appliance.

D. S., Pickering, Ontario

I wanted to drop a line with regards to the very high quality of care I received. From the very first visit by the gentleman nurse, who was an awesome communicator and highly informative, to the very special lady who was the main nurse to provide my care, I want you to know, they all did you proud.

I cannot say enough good about Joni, she is one fantastic professional. Even on a couple of occasions, where I was concerned about her well being, she always, always was smiling, showing kindness and compassion. This women is truly the epitome of what all nurses should strive to be.

The wound specialist you sent was yet another wonderful professional. She took the time to inspect my wound and make me part of the decision making process, by educating me to all the options and the pros and cons of each. Because of her level of expertise and problem solving, my wound healed well and with careful consideration to the level of pain involved.

I cannot say enough good about your staff, in fact to the point where I inform clients that they have the right to make a request as to which company provides their care. I suggest Partners in Community Nursing, particularly to anyone that has a significant wound that needs to be carefully monitored and cared for by people who pay attention to detail. These are definitely your people.

Again, thanks a million, your staff made my wound much easier to deal with.

T. H., Caesarea, Ontario

Nancy, we were very happy to have you for our nurse. When Ken knew you were coming he was very happy. He would say you did the best job and he would say he liked you the best.

Thanks so much for your caring ways and always nice words to make us feel better. I just wanted you to know how much you touched both our lives.

P. S., Whitby, Ontario

The care you provided me with after my surgery was exceptional. Not only was your nursing professional but your attendance and flexibility around Doctors appointments was also appreciated. After major surgery it also takes a physiological toll over and above the physical healing. The conversations I had with the nurses went a great way to lifting my spirits.

Thanks to all, God Bless

S.T., Pickering, Ontario

As a result of working with Partners In Community Nursing (PCN), this past year has been a series of economic, social and professional pluses.

I am so grateful and overwhelmed by the monetary benefits you’ve provided this past year – a raise, travel expenses, an anniversary gift and an incentive bonus which blew me away (the first of my life).

Your program of social and community activities really make one feel like a true “partner”.

On a professional level, the standards and quality of your nursing specialties and educational opportunities are second to none. You have brought the concept of “Nursing Agency” to a level not attained by other agencies. I am proud to be on your team. Watching you grow is giving me an exciting “high”.

I am envied by many seniors I know because I continue to work at a job I love, when, where and with whom I want, and at one that is mentally challenging and physically compatible.

What a privilege!

Thank you for that and for everything else.

Best wishes for continued growth and excellence.

I.V., Oshawa, Ontario

Just a note to say Thank You. Thanks to your nurses who came, usually each morning around 7:15 or 7:30. I hear the voice “Good Morning, how are you?” I turn my head and there was the nurse with a happy smile and to go with that a nice pleasant personality. Keep up the good service it will be missed when not there, excellent. Par- excellent!

H.R., Whitby, Ontario

Margarita, We wanted to thank you for your help and advice with mom in her last days. As you had predicted, she died on Saturday and just stopped breathing. There was nothing else. She was comfortable and so were we, thanks to your guidance.

I feel as if I’m saying goodbye to a friend – you must have a very special skill to bond with people so quickly!

We appreciate all you (and your excellent sub on your day off) could do for a family.

M.F. Pickering, Ontario

I would like to say Thank You to Anne and Joy (the wound nurse) and all the other nurses who looked after me after my surgery. They were so very kind and nice. I always looked forward to them coming. Thanks again.

M.P., Oshawa, Ontario

Margarita, you made me feel comfortable in a really embarrassing moment. All your help and jokes made me feel great. I really appreciate it.

T.W., Oshawa, Ontario

Thank you all so very much for the kindness that you have shown to my husband.

T.B., Nestleton, Ontario

We truly want to thank the staff of PCN for their care and expertise we experienced post surgery and during chemo and radiation. Joy began with us in February while still in hospital and then we shared a pleasant relationship with Kirsten and Juliette as well as others till we have reached this stage. Their counsel, wonderful care and guidance thru’ some very difficult days kept us going and it was hard to say “Goodbye”. Yes, we do miss your cheery greeting at the door coming and going dear friends.

J.M., Newcastle, Ontario

Please pass along my thanks to the nurses from Partners In Community Nursing for the care given to my husband Ron who died on September 13. A special thank you to Patricia, his primary nurse, whose visits Ron enjoyed.

A thank you also to Partners for the care my mother is presently receiving.

A.H., Pickering, Ontario

Margarita, Thank you for your wonderful care and for arranging Dorothy’s appointment with the doctor when urgently needed. You are an excellent nurse.

J,C., Pickering, Ontario

I can’t begin to tell you all how much your work and compassion was appreciated at this sad time.

R.B., Oshawa, Ontario