Post-op Surgical Care

Your visiting nurse will assist in your Post -operative recovery after discharge from the hospital by creating a treatment plan with your informed consent. Your vital signs will be recorded as well as monitoring you for symptoms of infection and for complications of wound healing.

Wound care is provided as specified by your surgeon. We will teach a support person/family member to do your wound care if appropriate. A wound care specialist can be requested if there is a complication or delay in wound healing. The nurse will suggest other resources if needed such as physiotherapy, dietician, and occupational therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will my wound take to heal?

    This is dependant on the size of the wound, presence of infection and your general health.

  2. When can I return to my regular activity?

    Most surgeons suggest 6-8 weeks for abdominal surgeries. Your surgeon will decide when you are fit to return to work.

  3. When should I call the nurse/doctor?

    When you have a fever, and increase in pain or an increase in the amount of discharge from your wound.