Client Rights

  1. To be dealt with in a courteous, respectful manner.

  2. To be free of mental, physical and financial abuse by the service provider.

  3. To have his/her dignity and privacy respected.

  4. To have autonomy promoted.

  5. To be respected for ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, familial and cultural values.

  6. To have recognition of his/her individuality.

  7. To participate and have choices during his/her own health assessment, care provision, service plan evaluations and revisions.

  8. To have the right to give or refuse consent to service.

  9. To be able to raise concerns about service, policies and decisions that affect his/her care without fear of reprisal.

  10. To be informed in writing of the procedure to initiate complaints.

  11. To know his/her records are kept confidential in accordance with the law.

  12. To contact Ombudsman Ontario @ 1-519-973-1314 or Ombudsman for Seniors @ 1-705-362-0200.