Pediatric Nursing

PICN pediatric nurses provide a wide variety of nursing services to children from birth – 21 years of age. Our specialty trained and experienced pediatric nurses have expertise in a variety of areas including but not limited to enteral feeding, tracheotomy and ventilator care, palliative care, oncology, central venous line management, home infusion therapy, wound care and cardiac care. We provide our client’s exceptional pediatric and family centered care through a variety of programs including shift home and school nursing and visiting nursing. Our reputation for providing a level of pediatric home care expertise distinguishes PCN as a leader in Pediatric home care in the Durham Region.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we access your services through private insurance or funding?

    Yes, we will send a specialty trained pediatric nurse to meet with you and assess your child and family needs to set up a plan of care that will provide support and care.

  2. Are your nurses able to replace my child’s Enteral feeding tube?

    Yes, there are many tubes that can be replaced in the community setting depending on the type of tube and the length of time the tube has been in place.

  3. Are your nurses able to provide tracheotomy changes in the community?

    Yes, our nursing staff are trained to be able to manage and change tracheotomy tubes in the community setting both in an emergency and when regular tube changes are required.