Oncology Nursing

Partners in Community Nursing employs several nurses trained and experienced in the administration of chemotherapy at home. Regular in-servicing establishes that nurses knowledge base remains current. All client referrals involving set up and administration of chemotherapy are reviewed by an in house manager. Our collaboration with the Oncology clinic and Durham Access to Care ensures that our clients receive the safest, most effective care.

Standardized tools employed by staff help to provide accurate assessments and individualized care to clients receiving chemotherapy at clinic or in home.

Our nurses are well experienced in care of clients receiving radiation treatments.

Teaching is an integral portion of client support during chemotherapy and radiation treatment. At PCN, we believe that a well informed client will make the best choices for themselves, and it is our mandate to support those choices.

PCN's alignment with all of our community partners allows us to provide the most comprehensive care to the clients in Durham Region.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I receive chemotherapy at home?

    Often chemotherapy can be initiated at home once the physician orders this. PCN’s responsibility is to ensure all criteria are met so that our client is safe and comfortable at home.

  2. What happens if I get sick at home while receiving chemotherapy?

    Our nurses will show you how and when to contact us. Whenever possible, we avoid sending our clients to the hospital. We are available 24 hrs./ 7 days per week, which means that unless you have an emergency, call the nurse first and we will help you to decide what to do.