Foot Care

Our feet undergo a great deal of use, trauma, misuse, and neglect as a part of everyday living. Taking care of our feet can alleviate disability, pain and the tendency for falling, especially with the elderly.

The changing condition of one’s feet may indicate a systemic disease or give the nurse clues to physical ailments before more obvious signs and symptoms appear.

Foot discomfort can cause irritability, fatigue, and chronic health issues. Many diseases can also endanger the foot; Osteoarthritis causes pain and swelling in the feet. Rheumatoid arthritis may lead to hammer toes and dislocated toes. Peripheral vascular disease can lead to ulcers and infections of the feet.

PCN has Certified Advanced Foot Care Nurses that also specialize in care of the Diabetic foot.

PCN foot care nurses will complete a full foot assessment, provide expert care to your feet, discuss general foot and nail care, and refer you to a specialist as required.

If you are currently receiving nursing services at home and are unable to go out for foot care, speak to your nurse to see if foot care can be arranged at home. Private insurance may pay for these services, or some may be able to pay privately to have this care provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What causes hard, thickened nails?

    Hard, thickened nails indicate inadequate nutrition to the nail matrix (where nail growth starts) from trauma or poor circulation. Special training and equipment is required to thin and prevent further trauma. You should not attempt to cut hard thickened nails.

  2. Should I soak my feet before the nurse arrives?

    Foot soaks are not recommended for people with Diabetes, however all other persons may safely soak feet for up to 10 minutes prior to the nurse’s arrival. Check with your nurse before the visit to see what her recommendations are for your individualized care.

  3. Why does the nurse put cream on my feet after my nails have been cut?

    Foot massage with a good lubricating lotion reduces edema, stimulates circulation, improves pedal flexibility and tends to relax the entire body.

    Massage should be done only with medical approval if there are foot lesions or vascular problems.