Enterostomal Therapy

At present, PCN has full time ET nurses along with two other RN’s enrolled in the Canadian Association of Enterostomal Therapy Course.

ET nurses provide pre and post-operative assessments, teaching and support to ostomy clients in the Durham Region. ET nurses are well equipped to collaborate with your surgeon to provide specialized care for this very delicate surgery. Clients have many questions and concerns about their surgery and we hope to alleviate the fears associated with these procedures.

The ET nurses' goal is to assist clients to become knowledgeable, confident and independent with their changing body.

PCN is an integral part of the monthly Durham Ostomy Clinic, which provides follow-up assessments, and advice for ostomy related problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Partners In Community Nursing able to provide our agency with ostomy teaching?

    Yes, we provide many facilities and groups with ostomy related topics.

  2. How do I get help with my ileostomy once my nurse stops coming to my home?

    The Durham Ostomy Clinic provides follow-up for ostomy related issues once a month, on the first Thursday of every month.

  3. How do I pay for my supplies once I am finished with Durham Access to Care?

    If your ostomy is temporary, you will be required to pay for your supplies either with your insurance or on your own. However, if your ostomy is permanent an assistive service program application can be filled out for $600.00 I year and you may also use your insurance.

  4. Does the ET nurse tell me what I should eat after ileostomy surgery?

    Yes, the ET nurse will address specific food and fluid recommendations along with the dietician.