Partners in Community Nursing is a learning organization that promotes a lifelong career of professional growth and development for all staff. We have instituted a number of learning tools that are utilized by our staff, clients and community partners.

Teaching is integral to our nursing care so that PCN clients make well informed decisions that are paramount to the achievement of their health care goals.

PCN provides in-servicing to our community and various health care settings on a number of topics including pain and symptom management, ostomy care and diabetes education.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my learning needs be met if I work at PCN?

    PCN encourages staff to seek out opportunities to learn. As one of our nurses have said, "If I'm not learning every day, I'm in the wrong place."

  2. Does PCN pay for education?

    PCN’s operating annual budget includes a portion designated for learning needs.

  3. How do I arrange an in-service by PCN?

    Call our office at 905-665-1711 and ask for Specialty services.