Diabetes Education

The Diabetes Educator provides support and teaching to clients with diabetes, who are either experiencing problems or are newly diagnosed. Our goal is to enhance and support the advise previously received from the Diabetes Clinic or physician; promote understanding of the principles of self management and support the client with diabetes to gain confidence, competence and independence with their own care.

The Diabetes Educator helps the client recognize the impact their diabetes have or is having on their overall health. The nurse will support the client in their decision making, help make the appropriate adjustments to their treatments as indicated by their physician and act as an advocate for the client in order that optimum treatment standards are maintained.

The initial appointment will cover various topics – blood sugar monitoring, glucometers, lifestyle issues, (weight, exercise, smoking). Written information is given and a follow up appointment will be arranged with the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Now that I have diabetes, will my life ever be normal again?

    The Diabetes Educator will help you to achieve a “new normal” that works for you. Most things that you enjoyed before being diagnosed with diabetes can also be enjoyed after your diagnosis.

  2. What should my blood sugar levels be?

    Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines recommend a fasting blood sugar target between 4 and 7 mmol/l. for people with diabetes.

  3. Why is it important to keep my blood sugars under control?

    Diabetes and elevated blood sugars cause changes in your kidneys, eyes and nerves. Good blood sugar control can minimize these changes.