Partners in Community Nursing is a learning organization that promotes a lifelong career of professional growth and development for all staff. We have instituted a number of learning tools that are utilized by our staff, clients and community partners.

Teaching is integral to our nursing care so that PCN clients make well informed decisions that are paramount to the achievement of their health care goals.

PCN provides in-servicing to our community and various health care settings on a number of topics including pain and symptom management, ostomy care and diabetes education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Partners in Community Nursing is committed to providing care in our community that is safe for our clients and employees. Safety initiatives are embedded in our Mission Statement, policies, procedures and processes, job descriptions and our day to day tasks. We acknowledge that it is everyone's responsibility to promote a safe environment at our workplace and in our clients' homes. PCN’s Health and Safety Committee meets on a regular basis to monitor our safety outcomes and implement new ideas to minimize all risks.